Heading towards the Southern Ocean. Follow this important scientific expedition live. Its main objective: to understand how the ocean participates in climate regulation by absorbing atmospheric CO2.


SWINGS : what a beautiful name for an oceanographic expedition. From 13 January to 8 March 2021, 48 scientists will attempt, on board the research vessel Marion Dufresne, to unravel some of the secrets of the south-western Southern Indian Ocean. Between the roaring forties and the fourious fifties: the scientists and crew members will have to stick together to reach their goal despite probable seasickness and sometimes acrobatic situations. Everything has to be foreseen, even the unpredictable!

This special dossier will allow you to follow through eight weekly articles, the research carried out on the research vessel: its challenges, its tools, portraits of the scientific team, and as a bonus, a small diary with excerpts from daily life on the vessel.

Welcome on board!


Dossier published in partnership with CNRS Le journal.

To find out more, follow the blog of the SWINGS expedition: